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Thinking about developing an estate plan can be daunting. At DeFur Voran, our goal is to make this process as easy as possible. We will help you develop the most appropriate plan with consideration for issues such as minimizing taxes, protecting assets from creditors, reducing the possibility of conflict between family members over the management of your affairs, and providing for possible future long-term care needs.

An Advanced Directive allows an individual to appoint a health care representative to make health care decisions for them if that individual lacks the capacity, to consult with providers even if the individual has capacity, and gives the representative access to the individual’s confidential health care information. It also provides for the articulation of the individual’s wishes concerning end-of-life care.

A review of your existing documents is recommended if there have been any significant changes in your life (such as new children or grandchildren, divorce, remarriage, or a significant change in your health or net worth), if your documents were executed in another state, or if your documents are more than five years old.

Our attorneys also represent individuals and financial institutions in the administration of estates, trusts, and guardianships.


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