Month: November 2019

Mechanic’s Liens: A Tool for Unpaid Contractors

By Daniel G. Kerns. Trouble getting paid for completed work is a problem too frequently encountered by contractors. Fortunately, Indiana law affords contractors, laborers and materialmen a tool to leverage payment. Mechanic’s liens are a statutory remedy codified at Ind. Code § 32-28-3-1 et seq. available to contractors, laborers and materialmen, who have performed work or furnished… Read more »

The Changing Art of Valuing Personal Injury Cases

By Steven D. Murphy. Those of us who practice in the area of valuing personal injuries (plaintiff’s lawyers, defense attorneys, insurance adjusters, and mediators) analyze these cases by looking at the four areas of losses that a victim may suffer:  medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and permanency of the injury. That is what… Read more »