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New Overtime Rule Blocked By Federal Court

By Chase M. Patterson On November 22, 2016, a federal judge in the District Court for the Eastern District of Texas issued a nationwide preliminary injunction blocking the U.S. Department of Labor’s new rule establishing higher minimum salary limits for exempt white collared employees.  The new rule, which was set to take effect December 1,… Read more »

I’ve Been Sued. Now What?

By Matthew L. Kelsey If you are extra special a local Sheriff’s Deputy handed you the paperwork.  If you are merely average on the special scale it just came in the mail.  It is usually only in the movies that a process server approaches you and delivers the famous line that “you’ve been served.”  However… Read more »

Hiring a Foreign National

By Robert D. Emmerson A United States company that wants to hire a foreign national who recently graduated from college might realize that it isn’t an easy, straightforward process. Often multiple immigration tools will have to be used in order to appropriately employ the foreign national. Two of those options, H-1B visas and Optional Practical… Read more »

Divorce and Your Estate

By Kelli J. Liggett Few things have such a large impact on one’s life than getting divorced. You are no longer married, sometimes living in a different home, your life becomes occupied with battles over property and custody of children. Thus, it makes sense that such an event would have quite an impact on your… Read more »

Why Mediation of Civil Cases is so Effective

By Steven D. Murphy Prior to 1990, mediation was generally not available in Indiana State Court cases, or at least was rarely used as a means to attempt to settle civil lawsuits.  Settlements were accomplished by communications between lawyers in the case at a pre-trial conference, or perhaps when they were at the same location… Read more »