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Trends in Senior Living: The First in a Series to Help You Navigate Elder Care

By Bill Lutz

One of the biggest and most important issues facing people as they age is where to live. Many elders have lived in the same house for many years, and can’t bear to think of living anywhere else. Others want to move to somewhere where their needs are met and they can live out their sunset years in a healthy and happy environment. However, all seniors and their loved ones agree that they want a situation where their health needs are met and their quality of life is at its highest possible. So it is important that you be aware of the different options available to senior living.

For many years, the nursing home was the first thing that sprung to the minds of Americans when thinking about senior living. Visions of endless rows of white, hopefully, but probably not, sterile rooms, where octogenarians sat on their beds watching game shows often make people shudder and hope that they or their loved ones will never face that.

Luckily for everybody, the Senior Care and Services industry is changing. The aforementioned institution style nursing homes are not the only choice now. Replacing them are communities that are more tailored to specific clients’ individual needs. Seniors, and the loved ones who care for them, want to have access to the care they need while still enjoying life and feeling part of a community.  It’s probably for the best that these traditional nursing homes are dying out in favor of more individualized ones. This allows seniors to tailor an experience that best suits them and their needs.

There are many different options besides nursing care available to seniors when it comes to finding a place to live. There are senior communities, where the residents rent a house or apartment and get access to a community and certain amenities. There are “co-op” options where multiple couples will share a house or at least live close to each other and pool money and resources. There are many communities tailored to cater to a particular interest or demographic group, like RV enthusiasts or LGBT seniors. However, the most common desire for seniors is to stay home and receive care there.  Staying at home is also growing in popularity as technology makes it more possible. With the USA’s rapidly aging population, the Senior Care industry is sure to continue to grow and the ones who succeed are the ones who know how to allow their customers to enjoy life and have fun.

When looking for housing for either you or a loved one, it is important to decide what exactly your wants and needs are and find a situation or arrangement that satisfied them as best as possible given your medical condition and financial ability. If you need help finding a living arrangement for you or an elderly loved one, feel free to contact any of us in the DeFur Voran Elder Law Group, as we will definitely be able to assist you with locating help to assess your situation and providing guidance to access financial resources.

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