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Medicaid and You

Medicaid is an important means of assistance for many seniors and individuals with disabilities, as they may not be able to afford necessary health care without it. Thus, it is important that these individuals and their caregivers know about the eligibility requirements and how to apply in the interest of planning ahead for health care needs.

The purpose of the Medicaid program is to provide medical care to those who would otherwise not be able to afford it. Because of this, a major part of the application process involves proving that your financial situation prevents you from affording private health insurance and care. According to the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA), the following information is required for all members of your household in a Medicaid application:

  • Names and birthdates
  • Social Security numbers
  • Income from jobs and training
  • Current or past benefits like Social Security, SSI, Veterans benefits, or child support
  • Family and tax relationship information
  • If you are aged, blind, disabled, or receiving Medicare, the amount of money in your checking accounts, savings accounts, or other financial resources you own
  • Current payments for adult or child care health coverage and/or medical benefits

After you submit your application, it will take between 45-90 days for it to be processed and to receive the State’s decision. When determining whether or not you are eligible for Medicaid, the FSSA will look at your income adjusted to family size, resources/assets, and medical needs. They will place you into a program that they feel best suits your needs and what you are able to afford.

One of our elder law attorneys would be glad to assist you in the application process. Or, if you would like more information on the Medicaid program or long term care planning, please call us at 317-585-8058 or 765-288-3651 or contact us here.